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Think Long-Term Team Blog Series: Megan

Hey, I’m Megan and I am a Data Analyst here at MyWallSt. I am originally from Charlotte, North Carolina but have been living in Dublin for the past two years. Before MyWallSt, I was playing tennis for my alma mater Appalachian State University while studying Economics. 

My Investing Experience

I did not have any investing experience before joining MyWallSt and actually invested in my first stock (Nike) through the app soon after joining in 2017. I was aware of the stock market and the opportunities it held, I just didn’t know where to start and figured I could worry about it when I got older. Since joining MyWallSt, I’ve learned how time in the market is one of the most valuable things we possess! 

My Investing Goal

My long-term investing goal is to be able to have a sense of security when going into retirement and to ultimately work towards having financial freedom.

My Favourite Long-Term Stock 

I plan on holding onto my Nike stock for a very long time. Not only is it a company I am proud to be a big supporter of in terms of what they stand for, but it is a brand that I’ve been using/loving since childhood. That love for the brand was definitely instilled in me by my dad who has also been a big Nike fan and wearer for a long time.

My Selling Regrets

Like a lot of people, I regret selling some shares too early. I remember last year getting caught up in the string of negative headlines revolving around Tesla. I convinced myself that I would just be better off not owning it anymore because I was scared of the stock going down further.

However soon after that, our CEO Emmet said something to me that has stuck with me since: “While you can lose what you invest in a stock, the upside potential is limitless.”

Megan Mullen
Megan is our Data Analyst. Her first stock was Nike. Growing up playing tennis in Nike apparel, she has always loved the brand and believes it is a bedrock stock that she will continue to invest in for a long time. She is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina and has been with MyWallSt since the beginning of 2018.