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Think Long-Term Team Blog Series: John

Hi, I’m John Tyrrell, I am the Co-Founder and COO of MyWallSt. I come from Galway in the West of Ireland, where I live with my wife Muireann and my 3 little kids Ella, Rosie and Jack.

My Investing Experience

I would see myself as an intermediate investor. I’ve been investing for about 15 years, but have always preferred to rely on expert advice and guidance than spending hours researching stocks. That’s probably why I love what we do at MyWallSt!

My Investing Goal

Ultimately, my long-term goal is to invest for my children’s future. Retirement, college fees, and longer term inheritance for my kids is front of mind when I am investing.


I remember when I was traveling in Argentina in 2006 I felt life couldn’t get any better. I just loved the freedom and new experiences of traveling. But I also began to think how I could ensure that I could continue to have such amazing opportunities in the years ahead. I made the conscious decision there and then to begin investing regularly with a clear objective in mind.

This was when I started to invest seriously for the first time – I’ve never looked back.

My Favourite Long-Term Stock 

My go-to long-term stock would have to be Tesla. I feel that while most of us view them as an electric car company they are much much more. I believe they have the capability and ambition to change our relationship with electricity and energy consumption for decades to come.

My Investing Strategy

I try to use a dollar-cost averaging style to add a little each month and notionally I attribute it 1/3 each for my kids. This helps me focus on the very long-term.

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John Tyrrell
His favourite stock is Amazon. He considers whether companies will be bigger and better by the time his 5-year-old daughter attends college. Amazon continually grows its business ambitions to remain a stand out market leader. John believes they will do so for decades to come.