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Think Long Term Blog Series: Roberto

Hi, I’m Roberto and I am an iOS developer here at MyWallSt. I am originally from Valladolid in Spain but have been living in Dublin for the past few years.

My Investing Experience

I first started investing a few months after joining MyWallSt (4 years ago). The reason I had not started investing before that was because I was unsure about the stock market and had fears of losing more money than I had (which was actually ridiculous). Despite starting 4 years ago I would still consider myself a novice investor. 

My Favourite Long-Term Stock 

Out of all of the stocks that I currently own, there is one that I have never considered selling – Microsoft. I really admire Bill Gates because of what he has created with Microsoft (even if I am an iOS Developer) and also because of his philanthropy and his way of thinking about his work and society.

However, Bill Gates is not the only reason I will hold Microsoft for the long-term. I think the company’s range of services is very strong and its research into Quantum computing will make a huge difference in the long term. I am planning to hold my shares for no less than 15 years!

My Selling Regrets

If somebody has ever sold shares and tells you that they don’t have any regrets, they are probably lying.

I have a couple of selling regrets, but one in particular that I regret the most. When I started investing, one of the first stocks that I invested in was Solar City. I don’t think that we are taking care of the environment correctly and I wanted to invest in a company that worked to improve this. Soon after investing in Solar City, it was acquired by Tesla. Initially I was excited to own shares in Tesla, and even bought some more, but I later felt unsure about the company and feared losing my money. So I sold my shares, and looking back now I totally regret it.

My Investing Strategy

I regularly save money to my brokerage account and keep it there. I then watch companies that I am interested in and when I feel that there is a good opportunity and I believe in the company, I buy it.

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Roberto Garcia
Roberto is one of our iOS Developers. His first stock was SolarCity. He likes the idea that he can own a part of a company that cares about the Planet and that the world could be improved by using sustainable power sources. When SolarCity was acquired by Tesla, this strengthened his belief in the company, as he admires Elon Musk's explorations and initiatives.