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8 Best Investing Podcasts 2020: Think like an Investor

Here is a comprehensive list of the best investing podcasts I use to learn more about the stock market and think like an investor in 2020

Podcasts are an amazing resource for crafting your own investing strategy. The fact that a well of easily accessible, easily consumable, free information sits at our fingertips is a luxury early investors couldn’t dream about. I’ve listed my best investing podcasts below, ones I use for news, others for inspiration, and others even to switch off to on the commute home.  

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Best Investing Podcast: Stock Club by MyWallSt

Stock Club is a podcast hosted in our own studio here at MyWallSt HQ by the head of content James Dunne, our CEO Emmet Savage and our head analyst Rory Carron. In our wholly unbiased opinion, it is the best investing podcast out there. The team discusses the current market news, pitch stocks from our shortlist on MyWallSt and demystifies the stock market with its jargon buster section. 

What separates this podcast from the rest on this list is its applicability for all levels of investors. The guys talk with a casual tone about the current hot topics in the stock market, break down some of the stocks we have in our subscription service, as well as answering queries regarding topics or concepts which the beginner investor may find intimidating. Having a REIT explained in an Irish accent is the only way to learn! 

So join the MyWallSt investing team as they sit down to chat about the companies and strategies that shape their investing life. 

Best Stock Market Podcast: Motley Fool Money by the Motley Fool

Stocks, stocks and more stocks. Motley Fool Money is a rundown of all the stock market news to close out the week, served with a side of commentary from the Fool’s expert analysis team. They break down any and all mitigating factors that may influence Wall Street and the impact it will have on investors. This is a great resource to turn to during earnings season to get a condensed version of the week’s anarchy, all in one place. 

Anything produced by the Motley Fool is guaranteed to be of the highest standard, and this podcast is no different. Whether you are tuning in to find out what factors may affect stocks in your portfolio, a general rundown of the week gone by or you might want a stock pick or two to research yourself, Motley Fool Money is one of the best investing podcasts out there. 

Best Economics Podcast: Planet Money by NPR

The economy explained. A simple mission, an elaborate execution. Planet Money has been around for more than 10 years and has over 900 episodes in its back catalogue. NPR releases an episode of Planet Money twice a week, although new episodes are sometimes interspersed with classic episodes from the vault. Its range of topics and level of detail is extraordinary. 

The podcast is just as applicable to the beginner investor as it is to the experienced investment banker. Here’s a list of some of the topics covered: 

  • Using AI to track elephants
  • Mexican fuel thieves
  • Synthetic Cannabis 
  • The government accidentally making too much cheese

Planet Money does an excellent job of explaining something tedious in a way that isn’t. It tries to make the theory of economics accessible to the general public, using these outlandish case studies to magnify underlying complex topics. 

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Best Commentary Podcast: Pivot by Scott Galloway and Kara Swisher

If you don’t know Scott Galloway yet, get to know him, quick. He is one of our favorite commentators here at MyWallSt and will soon be yours too. His diatribe of Adam Neumann and the shambles at WeWork sheds an unblinking light on the corporate governance which led to the company’s downfall. His pull no punches style is at home sat beside Kara Swisher in the Pivot podcast. Their dry humor and dark wit are unleashed on the week’s technology news, which gives rise to some bold predictions (we’re still waiting on Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) to make an offer to buy Spotify (NYSE:SPOT)). 

Pivot is a great place to get some frank and honest analysis of all things technology, business, and politics. Galloway and Swisher do an excellent job of providing their expert opinions in the setting of a casual conversation between friends. It also provides some truly excellent quotes. A recent favorite from Galloway: “If you tell a thirty-something-year-old white guy he’s Jesus Christ, he’s inclined to believe you.”

Best Market News Podcast: Business Daily by BBC World Service

With Business Daily, the BBC performs a deep dive into one particular news topic every day. These topics vary widely from the worrying levels of consumer debt in China to shareholder’s growing impatience with Uber, yet every episode serves to give you your daily update on the world economy. 

For a daily podcast, the attention to detail is incredibly impressive. It typically consists of in-depth reporting, opinions, and interviews from industry experts as well as those on the ground. Plugging into Business Daily on your morning commute is a surefire way to start thinking like an investor. It is one of our favorite market news podcasts here at MyWallSt.

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Best Investing Podcast Host: Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffman

Reid Hoffman is one of the co-founders of LinkedIn, former COO of PayPal (NASDAQ:PYPL) and a partner at Greylock Partners. He also boasts a seat on the boards of Airbnb, Convoy, Edmodo, and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT). I know what you’re thinking: why does this guy need to do a podcast? The answer is that he doesn’t have to, he just loves doing it. 

The premise of the podcast revolves around a particular notion the host is touting. In the podcast’s own words “Reid Hoffman sets out to describe and prove theories that explain how great entrepreneurs take their companies from zero to a gazillion in ingenious fashion.” Because of this, each episode has a unique outlook based on the theory at hand. From bootstrapping a business to scale with MailChimp CEO Ben Chestnutt to the formula for great hiring with Aneel Bhusri, co-founder and CEO of Workday (NASDAQ:WDAY), each episode provides a unique insight into the growth of a company. 

If that isn’t enough for you, Hoffman has a fascinating way of introducing his theories to the listener at the start of each podcast. First-time listeners don’t be deterred when you tune in to hear about hiring strategies and are welcomed with how to distill bourbon. It all comes together smoothly and seamlessly, quite like the right bourbon!

Best Interview Podcast: How I Built This by NPR

A second entry on the list for NPR. Not surprising considering the company’s impact on the podcast world as a whole. How I Built This dives into the stories behind some of the world’s best-known companies, told by those who created them. 

The podcast works two-fold: it is fascinating to hear from these visionary creators on how they built their companies, a lot of the times from the ground up. Their personal journeys, the roadblocks involved in starting your own business and what they had to overcome to turn both themselves and their businesses into what they are today. If looking for inspiration, this is your first stop. 

However, it is not just an inspiring tale of blood, sweat and stock options. I’ve been using How I Built This as a resource when I research stocks for my own portfolio. Two big factors we look at when analyzing a business is if it has a visionary CEO and its company culture. An hour-long interview on the origins of both is an invaluable asset in your investing arsenal. Check out one of my favorite interviews with Shopify (NYSE:SHOP) CEO Tobias Lutke’s.

Best Investing Podcast For Your Morning Commute: FT News Briefing by The Financial Times

Short and sweet is the easiest way to describe the FT News Briefing. It provides a top-level rundown of the global, economic and business news of the day. Plug into this podcast on your morning commute and you’ll arrive at work ahead of the curve.

If you are of the unfortunate majority who live further than 10 minutes away from work, you might also throw in Seeking Alpha’s Wall Street Breakfast into the mix. Similar to the FT News Briefing, it’s a quick daily news rundown, with more of a stock focus.

MyWallSt operates a full disclosure policy. MyWallSt staff currently holds long positions in companies mentioned above. Read our full disclosure policy here.

Michael O'Mahony
Michael O'Mahony
Michael is a writer here at MyWallSt. His first and favorite stock is Square, which he sees becoming a massive player in the payments industry and a leader in the war on cash.