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2 Companies To Start your Portfolio

If you’re new to the world of investing, here are 2 stocks that could be the perfect start your journey.

Beginner Investor FAQs

Investing Basics: FAQs for the Beginner Investor

Best investing twitter accounts

9 Best Investing Twitter Accounts: Think Like an Investor

When is the next recession?

What is a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)?

long term investing

The Safety of a Long-Term Outlook

Mark Zuckerberg
Five on Friday

All Hail Lord Zuckerberg

As vaccination hopes caused a flurry on Wall Street this week, Facebook and Spotify made moves that could redefine their futures as businesses

Amazon AMC Cinema

Are You Not Entertained?


Everybody’s Taking Shots At Amazon


What Bear Market?


Don’t Eat The Poison Burrito

5 Merrion Row

Think Long-Term Team Blog Series: James

Hey I’m James, I’m from Kildare in the Irish midlands. I’m the Head of Head of Content and Publishing here at MyWallSt.

Think Long-Term Team Blog Series: Julie


The Importance Of A Diversified Portfolio

The Power of Slow Burner Investments

Welcome to 5 Merrion Row

Welcome to 5 Merrion Row